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SHE + HERO = a woman who is admired for her courage and resiliency; an active giver, an example of what is possible, and a brilliant inspiration to her community.
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You're Amy Poehler!
You have a gift for bringing light to things that are difficult to talk about. You seem to have boundless energy and tackle every goal with grace and ease. You aren’t afraid to lay it all on the table and speak up for what’s right. You are a force of true good in this world, with optimism that inspires everyone around you. Keep shining, you shero star of the shero universe!
You're Ruth Bader Ginsberg!
RBG babyyyyy! You’re the justice of all and for all. You speak truth to power! You know your way around a debate and refuse to take any crap from anyone, plain and simple. You give excel@lent advice, the kind that keeps your friends coming back to soak up your wisdom. Not to mention, you got style, girl… forget the cape, give this Shero a retro pair of specs and get out of her way!
You're Gloria Steinem!
You are a path paver and change maker. You never stop fighting for what's right, no matter the obstacle that is thrown at you. You're strong, dedicated, and passionate. You are fiercely independent but extremely dependable - you stick to your word, and family and friends know they can rely on you. Keep up the good fight, Shero!
You're Malala Yousafzai! @
You are mature beyond your years. You're brave, fierce, and don't let any obstacle get in your way. You care about equal opportunity and will stop at nothing until that is achieved. While being a realist, you are also a dreamer - you believe in the good of humanity and empowerment of all people through education and compassion.
You're Michelle Obama!
Congrats! You are the Lady. In. Chief. An inspiration. A force to be reckoned with. You are intelligent, confident, and are never afraid to speak your mind or give someone tough love. People look up to you for your candor, eloquence, and grace. You're a role model to many people in your life. Be proud of yourself, you've earned it!
You're Mariska Hargitay!
A voice for the voiceless, you exhibit empathy and compassion in your everyday endeavors. You are motivated by helping others and have boundless energy in making real change happen. People are inspired by your work and your ability to connect with others. You're a go-getter - if someone isn't doing the work, you'll do it yourself. Be aware of burnout, Shero, but keep fighting the good fight!